Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hillswick and Stenness

The Management

Well I do sometimes think there should be bouncers on the gates, this place is far to nice to be spoiled by bumping into other people! Luckily we seem to avoid to many at most of places we go.

The Management at Hillwick Ness were a charming bunch though and let us through to enjoy the splendor of the western side of the ness.

Looking across Sandwick Bay to Ronas Hill

Relaxing with a view over towards Eshaness

The Drongs looked splendid against the patterned sky. Mmm... kayak...

We intended just to pop to Eshaness Hall for the teas they had on, but on such a glorious day it was not going to be. So, after a belly full of bannocks and yummy cakes we tootled about Eshaness before going down to Stenness to explore some more. And explore it some more we will be!

The bay at Stenness, sheep shearing was in progress near by, poor them.

We pottered about admiring the view, collecting crabs claws for Beren, walked past a very dead and decaying seal and worked our way in a vaguely easterly direction towards Dore Holm, an un-mistakeable landmark.

I came across a collapse in to a deep cave with water sloshing about inside it. Oooh! Not far seaward was a little lagoon with a narrow wall to the sea under which the water entered and from the lagoon were two caves leading inland. I thought they'd probably join up in the collapse I'd first seen but no, only the larger cave lead to that.

But I had to jump in to find that out...

and go on a little venture...

Beren was keen to join me but it wasn't really safe for him and it was rather nippy, despite it been in the sun all day. He got to dip his toes in the water but was a bit dissapointed by not being able to join me!

Anyway after that bit of fun we returned to the car passing very smart newly shorn sheep. Beren slept all the way home, even through us getting fish and chips from Frankies for tea, and eating them at Mavis Grind. Anyone would think we were on holiday!

As for tomorrow, the fun will centre around both me and Clare rowing for Vidlin Rowing Club in the race at Aith, just hope it's a day like today...

Oh, here's the video of my little swim if you missed it on the last post.

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