Saturday, 24 July 2010

Heading Sooth

Well we arrived back at my Mum's yesterday afternoon, a village sandwiched between the North Yorkshire coast and the North York Moors. The ferry was great and even the 7 hour drive down wasn't too bad. Unfortunately the weather has been glorious, too blooming hot for me!

It's very odd been back 'home' for a short while. Bit dream like really, everything seems small with hedge enclosed lanes, trees everywhere and a totally different lay out of houses and villages. It was also odd to drive on dual carriage ways, negotiate traffic systems and see all the fast food outlets.

One amusing thing was coming out of Aberdeen and passing the first petrol station with queues of ferry traffic at it, not surprised at £1.12 a litre instead of £1.29 in Lerwick!

Anyway here's some photo's of our crossing back to mainland UK

Playing on the top deck before we leave

Leaving by the sooth mooth

Lerwick Knab

Kirkabister light house on Bressay

On the right is The Giants Leg on Bressay

Bressay and Noss

Sumburgh Head

Sunset over Fair Isle

After a good nights sleep with no falling out of bunks and steady boat we rose to see a lovely sunrise as we approached Aberdeen

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