Friday, 16 July 2010

Fame, well not quite...

I picked up the Shetland Times today, my weekly job, only to find a picture of me (bow, nearest the camera) and the rest of Vidlin's Mens team in the sport section...

I don't think I've ever been in the sports section of any paper, never mind such a beast as The Shetland Times! We must look the part, eh?

It kindly doesn't state the position in our race under the photo (5th), unlike the Nesting Under 21's winning photo above us in the paper. One thing I like about the rowing is that even if we'd come 6th, we'd not have come last, oh no, we'd have come 6th!

Actually, as far as I'm aware Vidlin are still 2nd in the league, so we may not be winning all the battles, but we're not doing bad in the war.

Next skirmish is Whiteness on Sunday and it's going to be a glorious calm sunny day, honest! So be there and cheer us on, push us, tow us, blow us whatever!

While on a watery theme, I was in very wet Lerwick this morning and saw this beauty...

There are lots of boats that simulate desire in harbour right now, but this was so very very lovely. May be not the most user friendly one, but I'd forgive her that. Pity the weather wasn't quite so lovely too...


  1. That boat is a beauty. She could be Hardanger yacht from the design of her. Any idea what her name was?
    Norway seems to have an abundance of classical boats like this. Oslo harbour is, in my opinion, the best place to see old restored sailing boats. Most of them pay for themselves by doing tourist trips.

    We'll be doing quite a bit of coastal tourism over the holidays, so I'll keep an eye out for old sail boats for a post in a few weeks time.

  2. PS.
    Forgot to congratulate you on your sporting stardom.
    I can think of many worse reasons for a mention in the Shetland Times. (I've been there)... LOL