Friday, 9 July 2010

Elusive Whales!

By the wonders of facebook I learned that 4 orcas were spotted off Mossbank Light House this morning. So, off I zoomed, binoculars, camera and a racing heart. Driving along the road to Mossbank I watched the voe, stopping a few times to scan the water. Nothing. But there was a ship oddly moored out where I thought the report might mean. A quick scan and still nothing. So off I zoomed to park the car and get down to the voe side.

Sitting, looking, waiting, trying to be patient. Scanning the sea with a short pause in each section. May be around the boat? Do they have to keep a certain distance from them? Is it anything to do with the sighting at all, or just surveying for the gas pipeline? Still no luck.

I did see some old otter spraint (poo) though, several piles...

...and some great views of an Artic Skua...

... gannets too.

Along side the voe were lovely patches of ragged robin interspersed with patches of white cotton grass and yellow marsh marigolds.

So, as elusive as the orcas were, it was great to be out there with what was there and stop thinking about what wasn't there.

Anyway for your viewing pleasure here's someone else's footage of the orcas displaying sometime back near one of the ferries between Unst and Fetlar.

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