Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Back home, anniversary ventures

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary which we kicked off with a great breakfast in Saltburn-by-the-Sea; a trip down the cliff lift to the pier and wander about the foreshore and woods.

Looking north towards Teesmouth

Looking south towards Huntcliffe

Down the cliff tramway

Looking back up to Saltburn town

After a bit of a break back at my Mam's it was off out over the North York Moors with a impromptu stop at Ruswarp on the Esk near Whitby for an hours rowing. Well, we have  got the last , make or break, race  of the season at Lerwick when we get home, need to keep our hand in.

And then off to some beautiful semi-natural ancient woodlands near Falling Foss water fall near Whitby. Great to be under the canopy of the big beech, oak and ash trees. There were also lots wild cherries but we left them to the birds, very sour.

The Hermitage

and looking out from it

A small trickle at the top of Falling Foss...

...becomes a lovely cascade into an inviting plunge pool, but no swimming today

That'll have to do for now. My Mam is nagging that I'm always on her laptop and we have places to go and things to do. May be next time I'll have some views of the North York Moors in all their purple glory.

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