Sunday, 6 June 2010

Wester Wick, amazing!

It was looking a bit grey this morning, but the wind had dropped and all the forecasts suggested an improving day and good sea conditions, so we loaded up and headed off from Voe over the Alps road to Aith and on to Westerwick, near Skeld.

I'd been promised a land of stacks, arches, caves and tunnels by a friend and he wasn't wrong. It was amazing. The bird life was ace too, with loads of Shags and young almost within reach and my favourite, the Arctic Tern, busy doing what they do best. The usual suspects were also there along with some puffins.

From the parking spot at the end of the road was a grassy hillside down to the launch. Only a few hundered metres, great with a yak trolley going down. I put the thoughts of the return uphill trip to the back of my mind and soaked in the view...

Getting ready to launch I looked out into the bay...

and then we were off...

As we headed out of Wester Wick passing fantastic stacks, seemingly everywhere, the water was pretty smooth. Despite the small swell once we left the bay there were some areas to avoid where the water was surging over rock platforms at low tide. We headed out south and then began to work our way east along the coast keeping close in whilst avoiding the worst of the surges. The coast just got better and better with lots of exploring to do. Walking the coast landside would be pretty awesome too. Unfortunately, as ever, the mobile couldn't really handle the glare and salt water, but here's a few pictures of our trip...

I really couldn't tell you now what is what or where is where. We went in, through and under so many features, but the furthest point we went out to was around a couple of small islands called Clett on the map and along to Sil Wick before heading back in for lunch at one of the many shingle beaches.

After lunch we headed straight east across to the east side of Wester Wick and an island called Giltarump. But, having been out a good while now we decided we'd done enough for one day and began to work our way back to the start along the southern and eastern coast. The interesting places to investigate and wildlife spotting just continued right back to the launch point and I'm sure Clare was sick of me saying 'We'll just look... and then head straight back'.

Luckily the haul back up to the car wasn't too bad even after 3 hours out and about. Anyway we had a bonus waiting for us as we were still on time to pop in to Aith Gala for a few tasty morsels and to enjoy the entertainment there.

We'll definitely be returning to Westerwick with the kayak and probably go west out the bay next time, past Giltarump. There so much of interest in this area though, so we may go for a different spot entirely depending on the wind and sea.

Wow, what a day!


  1. Cheers, got offered a divorce though when I went too far into a cave than my other half was happy about LOL! Need a solo trip with a big torch