Sunday, 13 June 2010

Vidlin Regatta

Well the day started off as a pretty windy grey one with white caps on the Voe, but luckily the wind was straight down the course and did eventually die down some what as the day ran on. Alot of teams opted for the kindly offered tow out to the start early in the day, and I don't blame them.

Think this washing will soon dry...

While watching the yoals going out the Terns were on form, swooping down on some kids who must have been on gravel banks where they were nesting. Then all of a sudden I saw a Skua zooming out to see low over the water. I thought it was an Artic Skua, but looking at the badly blurred photo it could have been the long tailed one. Unsure, as the rushed photos I managed weren't too great.

First teams up were the girls under 16. We came second, to Nesting.Well done to the girl's and a great start to the day for Vidlin. 

Nesting turned out to be the team to beat on the day. As you'd expect everyone put their all into it, there's often more pride at stake than points I think in this game.

Anyway here's the Nesting girls rowing out, good form.

There's a friend on this open womens Lerwick team warming up on the way out.
Do I cheer her or Vidlin?

Vidlin open womens team working hard, just about to cross the line

And the veteran womens teams putting their all into it

Here's the veteran men heading out, Sandy all smiles

A tight race, heading to a close finish

Nearly there and he's not smiling now, urging them on,
but look at the other cox, thinks she's going to explode!

Sadly for all I took hundreds of pictures, looking after Beren at the same time, the wind and other things meant I haven't caught all the races.

I raced in the open mens and we came third, which was great and a fantastic start for me to my first ever rowing season. And boy did we pull, no one slacked on any team from anywhere and it was a great atmosphere with good old Shetland weather!

Well done to Sandy, Shiela and all the others who put the event together, and worked all day and night. Stars the lot of you.

Next is the round Trondra charity event, not a race, so they say! 7 miles and about an hours rowing. I've registered a wavering interest, better get the vaseline in just incase!

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