Saturday, 5 June 2010

A trip to the Giants Leg, Bressay

We dropped Clare's Mam off at Sumburgh this morning an headed back for Lerwick; busy with the Classic Car Show and Life Boat Day. Having seen the cars and steam engines about this week we decided to just go and see what was happening on Victoria Pier for the Life Boat Day. There was loads on and Beren go his first taste of gambling with the lucky ducks.

Then he had his first candy floss

But best of all was the discovery of a short boat trip on the Alluvion to The Orkney Man's Cave and Giant's Leg on Bressay. Nip to the loo and off we went...

Looking back to the Knab at Lerwick

Kirkabister Ness lighthouse, spot the arch?

Getting a bit wobbly!

Just near the entrance to The Orkney Man's Cave, where it is said a man from Orkney hid to avoid the pressgangs. Unfortunately my pictures of the cave were pretty poor. A shame as there were Shags nesting, with chicks too.

The Giants Leg. It was pretty wibbly when we stopped and none of the closer pictures worked but it is very impressive, as is the whole coast.

As we began to return to Lerwick the life boat came zooming by

Also on the way back was a birding bonanza...

Great Skua

Herring Gull

There were also gannets, guillemots, fulmars, puffins, shags and seals galore, but not having planned the trip I didn't have the best lens. Personal record today of 456 photos taken. Rather less than that kept!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we're hoping to go for a 3 hour trip on the same boat around the nature reserve of the Ilse of Noss. If it's really nice though a kayak at Westerwick near Skeld is on the cards...


  1. awesome pics, how much do various boat trips cost?

  2. Hi Nooly,

    that trip was a one off special 45 minute trip as part of life boat day at £6 an adult, only 4 of us on the boat! But the same boat does a 3 hour trip right round bressay and noss bird reserve for £20 leaving at 1.30pm every day, conditions depending. It'd be £20 well spent.

    Another good trip is the Mousa one, see my previous blog post, £13 return with 3 hours on the island/bird reserve. Leaves near South Voxter, Cunningsburgh.

    There are others that leave from Lerwick too, Tourist Information will have more details (or google). They may seema bit pricey, but as a one off they're well worth it and some thing you'll not easily forget.


  3. twenty quid!! ooh-err
    i reckon we'll end up doing it all the same though.
    thanks for the detailed reply!
    what's the story with kayak rental around the island? is it possible to grab a couple of kayaks somewhere and just head out?

  4. Don't know of any kayak hire places. It can often be tricky conditions up here so I think they'd have insurance issues to just hire out and let people do what they want. does do guided kayak tours I believe as does Bridge End outdoor centre in Burra (google them).

  5. it's probably for the best, it'd be great to go out alone and go where we liked but would quite possibly end in a callout to the lifeboat or a few inches in the unfortunate deaths section of the newspaper.

  6. Speak to Martin here I asked and he does do hire as well as tours, and mention Kevin