Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tofts Voe

Things are a little disconbobulated at the moment with car problems which are a bit of an issue when work is the best part of 30 miles away, we work different hours, Beren has nursery and the buses are good, but non-too frequent.

Anyhow Clare finally arrived home from work after her first trip on the bus up here, and not being quite sure where it went she went past the entrance to Firth, up to the ferry terminal at Toft, only to be brought back to Firth 10 minutes later. She said it was actually really nice getting the bus (if only we didn't need cars for work) and noticed the tide was out at Tofts Voe so off we went for a little family sea shore walk.

Beren had fun building sand castles, or atleast trying. He was great filling the bucket, patting the top down and even tapping the bucket with a spade once turned over to release it. The only issue is in turning it over, most of the sand fell out! We still clapped and he was happy so that's what counts.

We mouched about the ebb line finding winkles, cockles and a few mussels, but not collecting any; a few hermit crabs too and then uncovered this beast of a shore crab. Beren wasn't quite sure what to make of it and was half delighted and half terrified as it crabbed along warding us off. After a minute or two we put it back where it had comes from under a pile of sea weed. We found a few more but this was the Daddy.

I had ideas we might see an otter down there, but with three of us and Beren the chance was always slim. We saw plenty of bird life though; herring and black backed gulls, oyster catchers, curlews, terns and just as we were heading back to the car and Artcic Skua cruised past.

Here's some Dunlins feeding on the ebb.

Oh there were sheep and rabbits too, they're more common than people where ever we go! Come to think of it most things are more common than people here. And that's suits me fine.

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  1. Is it a big problem with the car, could have a look when I am up...