Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Thar she blows!

Well I missed out big time today and I'm very jealous.

Just as I was arriving home from work and expecting Clare off the ferry from Yell I got a call from Clare. The ferry had took a detour to follow a pod of Orcas, 6 in all. As they got closer and were watching the pod the whales all seemed to be getting excited. What Clare thought looked like a smaller whale apparently was a Minke whale and the Orcas proceeded to attack and presumably eat. Well Clare said it rolled on it's side and there was plenty of blood in the water. But then, a honking horn from a van on the car deck, " Oi! I need to catch the Whaksay ferry!" so whale watching boat returned to ferry and the moment was over.

I rushed down to Mossbank with my camera and binoculars and Clare and Beren joined me. We could see the ferries back to wandering along after the whales still and the odd fin through the binoculars, but they were too far away for any photos that weren't just a black mark in the sea.

Anyway I had an added bonus of some Arctic Skuas crusing past occassionally. The terns were amazingly aggressive defending their patch, even to such a big bird. I had some photos of full on aerial dog fights with 2 and 3 terns chasing the skuas; they were pretty blurry with the super fast action though, so here's a few of the less dramatic ones of the Skuas.

I returned for a while tonight to see if there were any whakes about, taking my marine VHF to listen out for any info. but there were none to be seen. The terns, however, were out in force and it was a pleasure to sit and watch them at their aerobatic fishing manoevers.

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  1. Where's Clare's camera!?!?! That must've been am---azing!
    Those Arctic Skuas are lush anyhow.