Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Stop the world I want to get off!

Rev Mugo's post today on Jade Mountains hit home with me.

Since staring my new job just over 6 weeks a go my world has been a whirl wind of zooming into work after dropping Beren at nursery, zooming home after work and some how trying to fit in my practise, rowing, weight training and the odd walk and kayak; not tomention photographs and this blog. No wonder I feel like I've been running on a tread mill and need to find the off button.

Even my poor old car is feeling the strain of the 300 miles a week it has to do just to get to work and back, never mind do anything else.

Time to stand still, sit still, take stock and breathe. Reflecting on my journey so far since our move to Shetland nearly 6 months ago, just before the ice took hold up here.

Alot has happened since we got here. Alot lot of changes have happened in my life since we got here. At the moment things are pretty rosie, but it's taken hard work and commitment for them to be so.

Time to sit, re-focus, and step forward a new...


  1. Wise words Kev. And very wise words in Jade Mountains blog. Made me stop and think.

    Another thought, which I have always found to be very profound, was this simple phrase from my hero, Willie Nelson:
    "Breathe, You'll live longer"

    So many people rush through life worrying about the small things. Perhaps some folk just forget to stop for a while and take a nice deep breath.
    And if that breath is fresh Shetland air, you won't go far wrong.

    Kind regards,
    Da Auld Een