Thursday, 24 June 2010

Spot the arch...

Well there are a few to choose from so I'll narrow the location of this one down to the east side of mainland Shetland, in a place not many tourists are likely to visit...

There is a cave just on the far left of the photo. It was an unexpected visit but being egged on and liking a dip I stripped off to my pants and trainers and had a refreshing swim in the sea there. The cave was actually a tunnel. I swam along it may be 20m and it led me back out to the sea at the back of the arch.

The arch, though small was pretty impressive with a deep pool under it, so for one last splash I jumped from the rocks on the side. Great fun! A few scrapes from the rough rock, but I survived and had a good laugh to boot.

Do you get a prize if you spot the location? No, but I'll be pretty impressed!

Grr...Too damn sharp that Auld Een, I'll get you next time...


  1. Just a guess, but I think it's on the east side of Kebister Ness. The islet in the distance, in the first picture, is Moo Stack. And I think the tip of Green Holm can be seen to the right.
    Am I anywhere near????

  2. By Jov. I think he's got it the blighter! Didn't take long. It's in the Bight of Vatsland, along from the tip towards Dales Voe, about 100m from the road side. OS map says Hoo Stack, but I know what you Shetlanders think of the OS!

    Might as well post a map now.

  3. Oops, sorry about the typo on Hoo Satck. I should have known better. ;)

  4. So it is Hoo Stack? Never sure! Got told off today for saying geo instead of gjo, mind you that's along with the general micky taking of my accent :o) Funny thing is they all disagree on how to say things, the only thing the do agree on is that my attempts are awful LOL!

  5. I have to admit that I always automatically pronounce "geo" without thinking about it, but your spelling "gjo" makes absolute sense from a Norse/Shetland perspective, so you've learned me something today.
    And don't worry about being laughed at when you try to pronounce Shetland words. You should hear how people laugh when I try to use Norwegian words, or worse still, when I try to speak English. LOL!!!!