Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Play it loud Daddy

While waiting for Clare to join us for a treat of fish and chips at Frankies in Brae we thought we'd have a little 'man' time with some classic Jimi Hendrix

The funny thing is Beren is going for a hearing test in the morning, is that why he kept turning it up louder and louder and head banging away in time to the music? We'll soon find out...

After the tea out we went to Mavis Grind. The idea was I would practise rolling my kayak a bit while Beren and Clare pottered about on the shore.

Well, I capsized, floundered about and swam back to the shore half a dozen times. Poor Beren was distraught thinking his Dad was drowning!

Giving rolling up as a bad job, for now, I had a little paddle out just beyond The Min; watching the terns, shags and a seal, while Clare piggy backed Beren along the shore line.

All in all an interesting way to spend the evening!

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