Friday, 4 June 2010

'New Firth' from 'Old Firth'

'New Firth' is the other side of Firths Voe from where 'Old Firth' lays in ruins as a result of the effects of the Delting distaster of 1900.

We had a walk over there recently one evening, just as the sun was getting low. Thankfully I made it past this very stylish stile on the roadside this time. My last attempt to go and nose into 'Old Firth' resulted in various bags of frozen veg on my ankle before I got this far.

Notice the quality of workmanship on this stile, not seen every where you know. Non-slip top, neatly screwed down and trimmed, complete with chamfered and stained wood. The dunlops show off it's high quality  nicely, though yellow would be more in keeping with Shetland Tradition...

 Some views of Firth from Firth

Old Firth

A peerie burn. There are a few, some of which lead down to beautiful little primrose filled gullies and eventually to the shore. Fantastic spots to sit and watch the wildlife.

Some views over Firth, Firths Voe and Mossbank Light House

It's nearly simmer dim and now I've just heard about nocti-lucient clouds on radio 4, very interesting. I think I might need some late nights...

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  1. Kev, be very warned, with the volcano dust and good weather you will be addicted, I bet Simmer Dim will be an all nighter, it lasts 2-3 days does midsummer officialy though it can feel longer. You will also experience the Simmer Dim Rally, hundreds of bikers, most profesionals. You will see them staggering around da toon and generally havin a great time. the bikes are fantastic....enjoy my friend