Thursday, 10 June 2010

Avon skin so soft on order!

It's not as if the midges are being a problem, yet! But having to evict them from my bath is getting a bit too close for comfort, or should I say discomfort!

Here's the offending blighter; probably has his mates hidden some where.

I'm just off out to the garden to see if i can get some photos of the starlings and sparrows feeding their chicks that are in our roof and next doors air space. I may have some lumps as well as pictures when I return LOL!


  1. ooh I was bitten to bits the other night. I had to come in. Last year it wasn't a problem. Not sure why there are more biters around this year?

  2. Mmm... the birds seem to have more sense than me and are in hiding. I just feel like my sking is crawling LOL!

  3. Well the answer was a fire. Normally a BBQ with some ale. It was not too much of a problem when I used to smoke. You can get mossi head gear. I remember my next door putting butter on the more exposed areas. Though there is nothing worse than the sound of one entering your ear, sooo loud and unable to scratch.