Thursday, 6 May 2010

Whiteness Voe, HDR photos

I've been experimenting a little with my new camera and HDR or High Dynamic Range photos. I used a bit of software called photomatix (you can use photoshop) to blend together 3 photos of the same shot (you need a tripod), one under exposed, one over exposed, and one normal. The software allows you to play around with various elements of the picture qualities of colour light and shadow and create interesting effects from subtle to extreme.

So here are a few examples I quickly shot on the way back from work. My first attempts, but interesting...

A couple of late ones at Firth, couldn't resist another go...


  1. If get some practice in and June 21st is a goodun you should get some fantastic Simmer Dim images. From my own experience, it is a whole 36 hour thing, starting at midnight til 2 dawns have arrived. Me jealous.

  2. Hope to do so SP or may be the weekend before. I'm no night owl, as you know, and need my sleep for work. Be able to bore you silly LOL!

    Any suggestions for great places to get some? I hear Collarfirth Hill is popular...

  3. Love that last one - good stuff. Never heard of that blending of photos before but looks cool.