Friday, 7 May 2010

Tea on the sea

After work today we took a picnic and the kayak out from near Muckle Roe heading north west out to Lee Skerries, just past Otter Ayre. It was a cool, but nice evening with a small swell on as we came out of the sound but nothing too excessive.

It was a birding bonanza too, but no photos off my mobile would catch the puffins, razor bills, eider ducks and divers even though with in 20ft. Terns and cormorants passed over head, not to mention the fulmars that manged to poo both on Beren and Clare as we had a brief stop for tea in a small geo. Just missed Clare's cuppa! As ever we had a seal popping up round abouts to see what we were up to, but they're getting boring now!

Ready to board

A lovely evening

Roe Sound, heading North  West

Left Muckle Roe, centre the small island is Lothan, right Ness of Houl

Ashore in Lee Skerries

Tea, nearly complete with bird droppings, hit Clare instead

All wasn't quite calm sailing though. Getting used to a tandem kayak complete with toddler has it's moments. And we definitely need to get a spray deck, only another £100...

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