Saturday, 15 May 2010

A saunter to Sumburgh

It was a lovely day. Clare was due home from London and the ash cloud was behaving, so we decided to go and meet her off the plane at Sumburgh and go to see the birds and coast there. There was no rush so we popped off at a few places on the way...

First stop was to take some pictures of a Shetland Pony foal at Tingwall that I've been passing all week on my way to and from work.

East Voe of Quarf

Bressay from the A970 near Fladdabister

Mousa from the A970

Garths Ness from Scat Ness

West Voe of Sumburgh Beach

The Terns were active at the beach and getting grief from the marauding gulls.


And hunted...

Eider ducks with Sumburgh Head and Lighthouse in the distance


After meeting Clare and having some lunch at the airport cafe we went to Sumburgh Head to have a look at the birds . As usual the gannets were far out and low, looking like bombers on a mission and avoiding my camera. There were plenty of puffins, razor bills and shags out at sea, but also a bit camera shy. Early afternoon isn't the best time to see them as they're all out fishing. 


The head and lighthouse

A puffin launches itself back out to sea

Guillemots gather

A Herring Gull stands on duty

Fulmars always get my attention...

And Artic Skuas were great to see, sometimes thermalling, sometimes running away from the bigger bullies, the Black Backed Gulls

Beren the commando was keeping a look out too...

We had intended to go and see the Alpacas and their new born while at the south end, but that'll have to wait for another day. We're all shattered. Tomorrow, with any luck we'll be out on the kayak and then sampling the home bakes and plants for sale at Aith...


  1. I'm impressed with the new camera.
    What model is it? I might have to go shopping.

  2. Cheers Auld Een, it's a Nikon D50 with sigma lenses, 18-55mm and 50-200mm. Wish I'd splashed out on a bigger telephoto with image stabiliser for it though.

    Looking at your pics are you really sure you need a new one, very nice :o)