Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ronas Voe, stacks, arches and tunnels.

As forecast it's been a great day and I've been up early itching and nagging Clare and Beren to get ourselves out on the kayak before the wind builds up. The intention was to go to Gunnister Voe and the Isle of Nibon, but it was a bit rough out there so we headed north to Ronas Voe to launch at a little beach called the blade.

It was absolutely gorgeous weather there and flat calm; just the day for a venture out along the longest Voe on Shetland. It's banks are famous for their red granite. This bright lad here had his mobile set to black and white though!

Here's the north side as we headed NW out to sea

We paddled out along the south side of the Voe as far as the Stack of Sumra before crossing the Voe to return on the North side. Here's a collection of the stacks, arches, geos and caves we ventured by...

We crossed the Voe to the north side with passing fulmars, black backed gulls, shags, divers, puffins and the odd seal to keep us company.

Once there we continued inland along the north wall of the Voe, past fish and mussel farms and back to our launch point.

It was an amazing the most amazing couple of hours I've had out on the water. Beren loved it and shouted 'more' as we went in and out of arches and tunnels and lay gazing up at the birds and rocks. The sort of place where you just keep saying 'let's just look in here before turning back', but we had to, we were tired and it had been long enough for us never mind a 2 year old. So, back home to bacon butties, grass cutting and may be some afternoon tea at Aith...

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