Friday, 14 May 2010

Quiet week and Scalloway Gym website

Nothing much to report this week as I've been a single working parent for the week LOL. Clare's away on a course in London so it's been work, Beren and bed. Oh and too much time on t'internet!

Work's been fun. It has been balanced with other more challenging things though, honest. Well it is work!

Not spotted Simon King yet. He's up book signing and exploring again. But I did spot the lesser spotted landrover campervan, very cool. Looked like an old workhorse style landrover with a coach built motor home body fitted to the back, complete with over cab bunk. Jealous, moi? You bet!

I've actually been pretty shattered after a cold that's decided to root itself in my right sinus under my nose giving me a feeling like tooth ache, but  trip to the Scalloway gym today helped to ease the pressure a bit. That link is for it's brand spanking new website. I can't recommend the place enough if you want to do serious weight training and because it's open 24/7 with a keypad entry it's dead easy to go when suits you and doesn't seem to get too busy.  It's no health spa with bar and lounge though, just a place for hard work, great. Great choice of music too :o)

Volcanoes allowing we'll be meeting the missing better half of the family tomorrow afternoon off the plane and then going to see the puffins etc at Sumburgh head, and may be even the alpacas. Hoping for some good photos...

Looking out towards Helli Ness, Cunningsburgh. I feel an old tractor theme developing...


  1. We go to a few shows here, I will continue your theme soon with a couple (100+) images of recon tractors, I will pull out the oddest by ploughing through them.

  2. Yeh old tractors are great, even better to drive, but rust buckets with a view are nice. Nearly took a picture of an old 2 stroke BSA today at Sumburgh, but it lacked the character of a pile of rusting junk LOL!

  3. Sadly there is not much left of it now, there used to be the remains of an old car up at Ness of Sound at the gun emplacements. Over the years I have watched it dissapear into the old covered walkway to which it was put. Just the leaf springs and block left now.