Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A night with the kite

Still a gorgeous evening and Mum decided to take me up the hill to the old estate at Firth to fly my cool dolphin kite. It was still sunny, but with a cool breeze, not that I minded. It was  great walking my kite up and down the hill. Have to get Dad to get me a stunt kite now, as long as I can keep him off it!

It's hard work this kite flying, so sometimes it's
 easier to sit down and let it do it's own thing...

Once you get really good you don't even have to look at it!

Now if only they'd let me do my own thing like this all the time it'd be great. Well, as long as they still do the shopping, cooking, nappy changing and one or two other minor things I let them do so that they feel useful.


  1. Oi! What are you doing posting on my blog, I though I told you to get to bed peerie breechs!

  2. Don't worry Beren. Just tell Dad to get his own kite, and give you your own blog, then everybody's happy. LOL

  3. You wait till Simmer Dim, it dont' get dark. You can have adventures ALL NIGHT. Enjoy.