Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New lambs in Firth

Sitting in the house feeling sorry for myself as I'm full of cold, but wanting to go kayaking as the wind has dropped significantly for the first time in a while I heard a strange noise.

"Is that a lamb or next doors baby?" I asked Clare. A rush to the window confirmed our first neighbourhood lambs, a couple looking pretty fresh from the womb and mum looking pretty worn out.

Even though the sheep live right around the houses they were pretty skittish and it was hard to get a decent photo before they all scarpered down the hillside. I could have gone all comando and crept down through the grass on my belly, but I felt a bit silly as it was rushing out to photograph a few lambs. It's not as thought the island isn't full of the little cuties!

Twins feeding though you can't really see the other one

One on it's own

Still wobbly

and needing a feed

They are so gorgeous, why is that?!

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