Saturday, 22 May 2010

More photo fiddling

I thought I'd take some of the photos I took on my mobile phone while out on the kayak today and have a fiddle with them.

Photomatix Pro 3 uses an under exposed, over exposed and correctly exposed image to give some interesting effects, you'd normally take these with a camera set to do it. I figured I might be able to do a similar thing with an existing photo by just altering the  brightness, one dark and one light plus the orignal shot. I just used windows picture manager to do this. Then I uploaded them to photomatix (you can use photoshop too, may be some other programmes too). It obviously realised I hadn't correctly changed the exposure settings so asked me what I wanted them to be, I sent them at 1.5 + and -

Here's the results original first, then smooth skies setting, then painterly setting.  There are other pre-set settings plus the option to change all the variables, but I just stuck with these two pre-sets for comparison's sake. Remember the originals were just taken with an old mobile, at sea, on a drizzly day...

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