Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Knab, Lerwick

It's been the most fantastic sunny day we've had since arriving in Shetland and I managed to get out and have a quick wander along The Knab at Lerwick today. Looking at the nesting fulmars and herring gulls, seeing young fish in shoals in the water and abundant jelly fish too. Some one out having fun on their water ski and big ships waiting out at sea. Grrrreat!

I wandered out on to the Knab itself, but not as far as the Horse of the Knab as I didn't want to disturb the nesting birds there. Still views back inland were pretty stunning and the water was clear as a bell.

West of the Knab is Sound in the distance, with Starling Rock out on it's own and Muckle Geo in the foreground.

To the East is the cemetry, South Ness with old pill box remains and Bressay to the right

Looking straight inland from the Knab

Can't wait to return some calm day with the kayak to explore this little bit of coast with geos, caves and an arch, and all so close to the town...

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  1. The Knab stirs alsorts of feelings for folks. For me it is the tales of my uncles adventures at the head, swimming during the long summer nights. Another is of folk who in their last moments pondered life and when I leave or arrive on the North Boat where some of those folks are now. A place of attraction and a place of childhood adventures, the risks I took then but not now, I think it is because I am now taller and have further to fall.
    But, a place that can be enjoyed so much.