Saturday, 22 May 2010

A kayak from Clousta to Vementry

A usual none of the weather forecasts could agree on much for today; so as you need to up here, I looked out the window when I got up to see what the day had brought. More fog, but no wind and a still Voe. I'd had ideas for a first trip out to Mousa if the wind and sea were right, but not with this fog. Option two was to meet a friend at Bixter and go out to Noonsbrough near Clousta to explore the sheltered coast out towards Vementry.

Here's a picture of the Aith Voe and life boat that I took on my way over to meet him.

Leaving his car at Bixter shop we carried on to park up on the edge of the Voe of Clousta. Mist hung over the land, leaving good visibility at sea level. It the sea was all calm, it was quiet, a little eerie really.

Just about ready to go; I switched to mobile phone camera (sorry). A view inland from the Ness of Clousta.

Heading North West out of the Voe past mussel beds towards Green Holm

A wonderful accidental picture of a tern mirrored in the water

We carried on towards Linga (left) and Shaabers Head in the distance with Vementry to our right.

It was wonderful to see countless, terns, shags, eiders, puffins, razor bills and guilliemots as well a seals of all sizes lazing about on the rocks at low water. To watch the terns hunting and courting over the reflective seas was amazing.

We went east as far as Neean Skerry looking at the rock faces ( and seeing Papa Stour in the distance) before heading back west towards Venmentry via Black Stane which was covered in Shags (until we got near).

Black Stane

And passing the narrowly separated Heag and Gruna islands...

...on the way to Heill Head on Vementry

As we approached the beach to the east of Heill Head around a dozen seals started wobbling their way into the sea, splashing and flapping and keeping an eye on their un-invited guests. While we sat and had some lunch they continued to pop up and watch us and we watched another good show from the acrobatic terns.

After lunch the weather was begining to close in and cool a bit so we headed fairly directly back along the western edge of Vementry and back into the Voe of Clousta and not long after we were packed away the rain had arrived and the wind picked up slightly.

Another fantastic trip put on the coast, and well timed too! Where next...

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