Monday, 31 May 2010

A trip to Mousa

Had a great trip out to the Isle of Mousa today; famous for it's well preserved Broch, but also it's bird life. There was a mild swell on as we went out on the ferry from Aithsvoe near Voxter, but the sun was shining and the birds were feeding.





There were also the usual gulls and fulmars, but on a rolling pitching boat I was doing my best to get these birds. There was also a little lens envy going on too, the size of some of them LOL!

Here's the Broch

complete with a poor squashed thing on the top step

And a nearby 'cool house'? I'm guessing not a mill, as there's no flow to speak of in the little burn. There's something else in that picture too that we'll see later. Can you spot it?

Here's the north-east side of the island

For me the birds were the best bit though...

Great Skua or Bonxie

Artic Skua



But topping the lot for me are the Arctic Terns, so graceful and beautiful yet deadly

All finished of with a yummy chinese at Baroc, Lerwick.

Work tomorrow...

Sunday, 30 May 2010

St Ninian's Isle, the south end

We picked up Clare's mam yesterday from the airport and after a less than inspiring lunch (that left my wallet perspiring) at the Spiggie Hotel went to St Ninian's.

Only the second time we've been, it being way south from us, but a fantastic spot and still had it pretty much to ourselves even on a gorgeous saturday afternoon.

Oh, we had the usual accompaniment of a local black collie, but he asked not to be shown here.

As we arrived a yacht was moored in the north bay with a tender taking a few people ashore. After the treasure?

Beren was been annoying so his Nana threw him in the sea for us.

The terns were busy as ever

And we enjoyed a lovely view back to the mainland

We went for a trundle to the southern tip of the island this time, it is truely wonderful. Views out over Inns Holm and various other bays, beaches and islands, south to Fitful head. Yummy.

After taking in the view, the air and the sun we wandered back up to the chapel remains and who should we see spying on us?! Knew we shouldn't have taken him swimming last week...

Friday, 28 May 2010

This morning, with dog, wonderful sky...

'Ewe' F.O. abduction...

Now ewe see 'em now ewe don't!

Luckily the aliens don't want Leaside, phew!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Coastal Mystery

I was reminded today of a mystery occurance back 'sooth' from near where I live.

And the cuplrits...

What brought it to mind was a colleague mentioning that in either Northway, Greenland or some where else 'north'  (I can't remember!)people would often leave very tall tapered cairns on the beaches where they's stopped off in a boat for a break. Cairns that tapered very delicately right to smallest stone right at their highest point. Gave me a nice cosy feeling.

Do I know the mystery culprits, mmm... I think I might. May they appear up here one day, I hope they do...

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Here's a few pictures around Firth today. A soggy, grey day, not improved by my badly turning my ankle when we were going to have a look along at old Firth.

Mum and lamb

I think this Mum's trying to tell me something...

Little one's breakfast...

...must dash

Saturday, 22 May 2010

More photo fiddling

I thought I'd take some of the photos I took on my mobile phone while out on the kayak today and have a fiddle with them.

Photomatix Pro 3 uses an under exposed, over exposed and correctly exposed image to give some interesting effects, you'd normally take these with a camera set to do it. I figured I might be able to do a similar thing with an existing photo by just altering the  brightness, one dark and one light plus the orignal shot. I just used windows picture manager to do this. Then I uploaded them to photomatix (you can use photoshop too, may be some other programmes too). It obviously realised I hadn't correctly changed the exposure settings so asked me what I wanted them to be, I sent them at 1.5 + and -

Here's the results original first, then smooth skies setting, then painterly setting.  There are other pre-set settings plus the option to change all the variables, but I just stuck with these two pre-sets for comparison's sake. Remember the originals were just taken with an old mobile, at sea, on a drizzly day...