Thursday, 15 April 2010

Toddler ventures at the Burn of Valayre

It was windy to day so we went somewhere sheltered for a bit of adventure. We had trouble keeping Beren from flying away...

Luckily it was a bit more sheltered as we walked up the Burn of Valayre to the water falls for a bit of toddler gorge walking back down to Sullom Voe.

Big rocks make big splashes...

We clambered up and down along the burn down finding bits to interest the kids and plenty of opportunities for more stone throwing.

Some bits were more suited to bum slides

Eventually, after much fun we were at the lowest fall and nearing the road

Under the stock gate

Under the road culvert

And out into the light

We had a bit more fun on the beach before retiring to Frankie's at Brae for some well earned fish and chips,and then more fresh air over on Muckle Roe at Little Ayre. Busy busy days...

Just got to make the cataplana for tea now with yesterdays cockles and mussels and... what are iva-live-oes???


  1. Woah, fab pic of Beren!

  2. Mmm... my Mam and better half weren't so impressed, but he loved it LOL!

  3. There may be no planes flying because of the ash cloud, but Beren's up up and away! Great picture, it really made me smile!! :)