Friday, 23 April 2010

Strand Loch, Gott

I had the opportunity to take a few pictures with my new camera today whilst out and about. It's still snowing on and off here and I missed a great opportunity this morning whilst driving down into Lerwick; a great anvil headed cloud was coming over from Bressay with thick snow falling and blue sky around it. I could have stopped, but getting to work took priority.

Anyway here's a few pictures of Strand Loch at Gott. Black and white seemed to suit the mood. Wish I had a telephoto lens though (on the list) as a pair of swans were displaying in the distance in the loch, another missed opportunity for the camera, but not for me. I just enjoyed the moment, as with the snow cloud.

Burradale Wind Turbines are on the left hill

A pair of swans

Tingwall airstrip is near by and I managed to get a quick snap of a helicopter passing over as it circled out of the runway.

Big 4-0 birthday tomorrow with a meal booked at Busta House Hotel and with any luck a drop in the wind so we can get out on the kayak. Who know's what else the birthday bunny might leave? Not that I'm too bothered I feel like I'm pretty much in paradise right now anyway...

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