Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Niggles and nyiggs

Tonight was my first time rowing a Shetland Yoal, The Orrick, at Vidlin Rowing Club

She's a lovely sixreen, resplendent in red...

But my first venture into Shetland rowing saw me arrive seriously injured, over enthusiastic air hockey, the well known bain of any potential rower, saw me with a very poorly forearm, it was practically hanging off, honest!

Being the brave sea-fairing, swashbuckling type that I am though I struggled on for my first trip out. Merely a flesh wound. It was great. When it went right that is. To be fair I think for a first time out I wasn't too bad, a few clashes of oars when a seal or the fantastic scenery distracted me or the big portion of carbonara and peaches with cream decided to let it's prescence be known as my stomach was vigorously massaged for the kilometer or so row out and then back LOL!

Plenty of practise needed though, timing is everything.

I must have enjoyed it as I decided to go out again for another run. I was surprised I wasn't out of breath rowing, though I'm sure my muscles will be making their prescence felt in the morning. It was first row of the season though, so may be they were taking it easy especially with a total newcomer on board.

When we got out to the turn point on the second run I was asked if I knew what a nyigg was. I voiced my concern that it might be some initiation ceremony where I got chucked in the Voe, but luckily no, rather prosaically it's a vital part of the rowing technique. On the last part of the draw you put in an extra 'oomff' before raising the oar out the water for the return stroke, particularly when racing with power strokes. Apparently this adds a great deal to the speed.

Anyway as I'm still classed as under 40 for this year looks like I'll be on the open rowing team, rather than the veterans, which I thought I'd have to row in. I'd happily row in both if there was space though. It's great, just wish I could photgraph and row at the same time!

Here's the under 21 squad on their way back in...

I returned home to a great and gratefully received surprise, my new camera had arrived. Now all I need to do is figure out how to use it. I'm sure it's photographic ability far exceeds mine!

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