Friday, 9 April 2010

Lochs and (Root)Canals

Having been in pain the last two days with toothache and no sleep last night I managed to get an emergency appointment at the dentist just before lunch today. As it's a lovley day, too nice for a visit to the dentist that's for sure, I decided to forgo my planned visit to the gym and have a less physically stressful time before I went to the dentist.

So back to Loch of Voe with the scull boat and straight into the swing of things with full strokes interspersed with more than the odd fouled stroke as I circumnavigated the loch. Not as impressive as circumnavigating the globe but it made me smile.

The far side in sight

A feathered oar

Look over there

I reckoned I had time left for an experiment before the dentist, so I removed the oars, rig and seat, faced the other way, added a kayak paddle and hey presto... a sit on top kayak!

It was very twitchy, but not unmanagable and I didn't fall in. Unfortunately sitting in a normal kayak position put my weight too far back and lowered the stern too much, but it still paddled well and fast, just a lot of audible and visible drag. I could add ballast to the bow to trim it but that seems a bit daft. If I scrunched my legs up forwards I could trim the boat much better, but the position is not really practical even if I fashioned a back support. So a scull she is, not a kayak.

The water seems to be having an odd effect on my feet!

So that was the fun part of the day...

Next the dentist. Now I have to admit I am scared to death of the dentists, any dentist, it is the only real 'phobia' I have. I feel anxious before and feel close to tears afterwards.

Having said that Mr Ahmad Al Saidi at the Brae Surgery has to be the most considerate dentist I've ever had. I highly recommend him. I went in expecting and actually asking for him just to remove the tooth as it's been an ongoing problem for years. An x-ray later he persuaded me that he could save it with a root canal. Something that strikes fear into me even more than an extraction. The procedure has a reputation that left me shaking before he even began.

He said I had an acute infection and would do the root canal, but it may take a few visits before he was done, joy. He was very gentle, adding more anesthetic every time it got the least bit painful and very re-assuring. He could obviously see I was scared witless, to be honest on the edge of tears.

So now another first, I've had a root canal. I've got anti-biotics, painkillers and an appointment for a fortnights time, the day before my 40th birthday! I sat in the car shaking and cried, the distress, despite his very kind manner was just too much for me. As I type this my tongue feel the size of an ox tongue and the pain is starting to return. Atleast when I go back the worst is done and the infection will have gone. I hope...


  1. Tooth aches are most horrible. I too not fond of that chair....I guess the film Marathon Man would not be for you?

  2. Don't even mention that film , shivers. Just the thought of the sond of a dentist drill (even as I type) is enough for me...

    Got some good pain killers now, just need to stop falling over LOL! (joke)