Sunday, 11 April 2010

Independence for Burgastoo

What a gorgeous sunny day it's been. Very little wind this morning, but instead of getting out while the going was good we had stuff to do to prepare for my daughter, her partner and my grandaughter arriving this evening. By the time we ready to venture out  our plans to go north-east out of Roe Sound from Muckle Roe bridge, past Otter Ayre, to a sheltered beach at Roda Geo were scuppered as the wind had picked up stronger than yesterday and would have meant a long paddle back into the wind.

Once we got to the slip on Roe Sound we set off into the wind, south-east and out into Busta Voe. We had no particular destination in mind other than to head south down Muckle Roe into the wind and waves so that we could enjoy a helping hand on the way back.

Amazingly we never saw a single seal today, but lots of birds; shag, fulmar, black backed gull, oyster catcher, heron, curlew and what I'm pretty positive were velvet scooters amongst others. We also saw an abundance of tiny translucent jelly fish pulsating and drifting by and the seaweeds had a range of different egg sacks attached to them.

Beren looking in the water

The waves were bigger than yesterday, but Clare confidently paddled onwards, getting the odd face full of sea water (you forget how salty it is) and wishing she had windscreen wipers for her glasses!

We carried on down the coast passing a couple of winkle pickers on the rocks who stopped to say 'i'i' and got as far as Greentaing, a bit past the little Kirk on the Muckle Roe road and opposite the start of Linga. I fancied going across to Linga, but with wind still building and white caps on the more open water we decided to turn about and head back.

The ride back was great, wind and waves at our back. We crusied along feeling the gentle joy of a wave lifting us and carrying us a long a bit as it passed us by. The world whizzed by in comparison to our trip out. As we headed back north with easy paddling I decided to pay a visit to the little rocky island or holm of Burgastoo.

As we got towards it we were in calm water in the lee of a salmon farm and could just sit and bob a bit, enjoying the view. We drifted round to the lee of the island and Clare landed to claim independence! Well if Stuart Hill can claim Forvik why can't we have an island!

Us mere mortals had to stay ship side while Captain Clare checked it for and wild natives!

As we left the Burgastoo, wondering if there was even room to pitch a tent, never mind anything else, we had a great view of Muckle Roe Bridge in the distance.

We slowly paddled back into Roe Sound before going round Crog Holm again and finally going back  to shore.

Time to have a rest now before the drive to Sumburgh airport later to pick up our guests for the next week.

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