Sunday, 25 April 2010

Gunnister Voe and Nibon

It's the end of my birthday weekend and an unusually warm wind has left it pretty hazy after the cold wet weather we've been having.

Some friends popped round this morning to say 'Hi' and present me with my first 2 bottles of Shetland beer from the Valhalla Brewery on Unst. I'll be keeping those beauties for just the right occasion. Beren fancied a peerie nip, though I managed to wrestle them off him. That's ma boy!

Amazingly the weather just got better as the day wore on and we met another friend for a trip out to Gunnister Voe and Nibon in Northmavine on the afternoon. I shouldn't be telling you about these places really should I? I am constantly amazed at the beauty of this Isle and the absence of other people in some truely spectacular landscapes. Gunnister Voe is top of the list so far!

We parked up at a jetty on Gunnister Voe looking out to a small un-named (on the O.S. map) isle and Gunnister itself in the distance inland.

The area was littered with mussle shells and on the surrounding grassy hills lay the remains of crab, sea urchins and many molluscs that I assume the gulls have been feasting on.

A couple of small dinghies were pulled up on the beach and I can promise that in the near future there'll be a kayak there too!

Looking out to sea was The Isle of Gunnister

Over the hill was the remains of a croft

An ideal place for a sit

with a great view

 and a pretty clean chimney too

Our friends dog, Glen, whole heartedly approved of the place too

Next it was off to Nibon at the end of the road. There's a holiday chalet there I'd love to stay in with views over the sound and islands. Also a ruin or two I'd love to be able to buy to live in, as they are if needs be...

South Sound with The Isle of Nibon on the right

North Sound with Isle of Nibon( left) and Isle of Gunnister (right)

I couldn't get the whole of the Isle of Nibon in shot but it looks like a great place for a little kayak round with arches, caves and other features.

Can't wait to return with the kayak


  1. Amazing!
    I Google mapped Gunnister and thought I'd found that un-named island - but now I can't find it. Google maps just can't keep up with the Shetlands... :-0
    Can you imagine owning a little ruin on there!? Coool. Park your van up in the garage next door! hehe

  2. Yeh satnavs and google aren't really designed for up here LOL! Thought there have been some interesting sights caught by the google car on it's way round here.

    The un-inhabited island for sale is in Yell sound. You'd need chitty chitty bang bang to get a vehicle there :o)

  3. Ha! I'll check eBay for you now - "chitty chitty b..."