Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Eruptions and ructions

Well the volcano is continuing to do what volcanoes do and flights are still cancelled with people stuck in various parts of the globe. The ferries and trains have never known it so good and the air companies must be feeling down right suicidal.

Here are some amazing photos and a photo blog of recent events in Iceland.

Here it's been cold, snowing on and off for a few days, but not staying. Clare is out in it tonight for her first meeting at Vidlin Rowing Club. My turn there tomorrow night, hope it'd a bit brighter!

For me it's end of my second day back in work. Enjoying it immensely, if not tired getting back into the routine of things what with travel, nursery arrangements and the like. I'll not be posting anything about work on here, but suffice to say it's going well and I'll be resting up this weekend to milk my 40th birthday weekend for all it's worth :O)


  1. Congratulations on you work start, after your long holiday, it will sap your strength. Can be a demanding job.

  2. Hope it goes well with the new job Kev.

  3. Cheers you two, going well so far :O)