Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A day of occurances

We'll all days are made up of occurances, but some are more connected and odd than others!

I'd been on the phone on the morning to a friend talking about life's twists and turns and entanglements and hearing how sometimes saying 'no' can be the good thing to do.

Setting off to Lerwick I passed Voe and an old bloke, obviously not short of a drink or two, was hitching a lift. Yes or No? I stopped and welcomed him in. 100m up the road another hitcher, this time well dressed with a parcel to post, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb I thought, so stopped. I set off again thinking the next one will have to be small to fit in Beren's car seat LOL!

The second chap sat quietly while the one under the influence began to talk non-stop about life the universe and everything. Now I'm not saying these things are true but here's a few...

Did I know Girlsta Loch was haunted? A Norwegian Princes was left on the island to die and it started sprouting white heather until one day a youth set it a blaze. It never grew white heather ever again, but is now haunted by the Princess. As are a few more old houses he pointed out.

He'd lived in South Nesting some time ago. He was terrified there, they were all pagans like in the Wickerman film. No minister would dare set foot there. Coaches would get stoned passing through. But he thinks there might be a Kirk there now!

Also told me he sometimes does 'night work', but doesn't take from our kind, and any way work's bad for you, as are drugs, but if I don't mind labour I could make a fortune if I picked up all the golf balls off the golf course and sold them for £1.

And lots more besides. Then he tells me he likes and writes poetry, loves Hiaku, but it's tricky with 17 syllables and all the rules and commences to tell me a couple which unfortunately I can't remember. To my amazement he then tells me of Osaka poetry which I'd never heard of. It's similar to Haiku he says, but more relaxed and entertaining and then proceeds to entertain me with a verse or two. I check it out when I get home and he's bang on.

I was torn between wanting to take him to a cafe to continue the conversation and wondering if I'd had a lucky escape. Just shows how people can have a lot to give.

My trip was to get some new shoes and meet Clare for lunch. Size 12 in Shetland is not a popular one to stock, and definitely not a 'real' size 12 that fits me. In one shop while waiting for my meagre selection on shoes to try I look up. A shelf of golf balls, £1 each!

I finally found one pair of size 12 shoes that fit me. That's one pair in Lerwick, which basically means one pair in Shetland!

As I went into Baroc Chinese restaurant in Lerwick, meeting Clare for a lunch time special, I saw a friend and neighbour in there. I know she uses the bus, so could offer her a lift home, but... As I was eating dinner my phone went off. Grumbling, I answered the unknown number and to my delight discovered that my 40th birthday present to the family, a kayak was waiting back at home. Time to scoff and run...

Room for a little'un too

Whizzing home in eagerness I notice that for all it's windy, too wind to try out my new toy, it's 12 degrees centigrade according to my car. Double digit temperature for the first time since arriving in Shetland, must be summer!

As I sit here about ready to go and pick Beren up from nursery I'm open to whatever the rest of the day might have in store for me.


  1. I enjoyed reading that. I used to read the Shetland News page first when I got home from work. But, darn it, you write better. lol .
    Can't wait to see pics of the kayak in action.

  2. Oh no.. now I feel like I've got a standard to keep up LOL!

    Thanks for your kind words.