Friday, 16 April 2010

Choose your attitude!

Going, going ,going on
Each day a new choice

We've had a couple of days of angst and decision making due to the ash explosion of the Icelandic volcano with a big name. Family were due to fly back today, but according to the nice guy at Sumburgh airport it could be days before flights for Shetland are OK'd due to the prevailing high pressure and wind directions plus the continuing ash eruptions.

All mail here is delayed too, as well as the always delayed national papers, as the mail plane is grounded and it'll have to be diverted to the freight boat. Luckily emergencies to Aberdeen hospital can still run.

So choices to be made and be made quickly; we booked 3 of the last 13 places on the ferry for the family at 8.30am this morning. Then a train to sort out from Aberdeen to Darlington, practically on the day, some how we got £127 for the three of them in First Class(no choice) at a good time, the rest were well over £300! Finally repeat dial Flybe for untold times as the phones were down due to level of calls until we get assured of a refund, when they can't say due to the amount of refunds requested! But they were very good with no pressure to re-book.

Many trains are fully booked, including Eurostar and the ferry companies are putting on extra boats too. Every (ash) cloud has a silver lining! Booking bonanza for some eh?

I recently read a book about a lady who ended up rowing the Atlantic single handed due to her husband (and rowing partner) having to pull out after a week or so. Stuck in front of her rowing seat in big clear letters was the phrase 'choose your attitude' for her to look at to remind her she had choices about how she re-acted to the challenge and each challenge within it, each and every time.

It doesn't always feel like it, but we do have choices, not always easy or nice ones, but we can choose how we re-act to situations.

In my case, a great wife and supportive family and friends also helps :O)

Seems to be a year for seismic activity round the globe. Luckily we just have annoyances of travel disruption and missed work, not death and devastation. Spare a thought for those who's choices are of a much greater magnitude around the world.

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  1. If you accept the choices with grace they can work for you, resentment can feed resentment and so the snowball builds. I am so happy you got to do such wonderful things, and you were able to share them, it will be part of your life you will never forget at will. Some adversity can make folk stronger, it can also highlight how lucky you have been.
    I look back and ponder, then wonder. But, I am a soul who has thoughts in their head at a time never experienced before in my life. Peace, Love and Light...Let the show go on...