Thursday, 15 April 2010

A busy week, out and about

My daughter, her partner and my grand-daughter arrived on Sunday evening, don't think we've stopped since! Out and about visiting places, eating good food and having a laugh. They're off home tomorrow, that is is the volcanic dust cloud doesn't stop them! We've got plenty more to do before then though.

Our first trip out was around north Mainland and started off pretty drizzly out at the beach at Hillswick but we had fun on the shiney sand, throwing stones in th sea, running from waves and generally messing about. Pity I'm still on moby pics though I did get some good ones from my daughter.

Here's Faith

Robyn, Beren, Faith and Adam

We then scooted off to Breiwick Cafe and the beach below where I managed to severely sprain my ankle.The beach below was great as were the views along the way and the cake and sarnies at the cafe.

The Drongs

Dore Holm

Eshaness Cliffs

We then went for a drive up along Ronas Voe

Up Collarfirth Hill, Sandsvoe Beach and then to Ibister to see the plane shed

Yesterday we were over Walls way via Kergorg and some other lovely drives. We had lunch in the play area at Walls add then went collecting some mussels to go with our cockles we'd got from Firth for a Cataplana for tea tonight. We've been trying to give them a few treats with haggis, tatties and neaps; reestit mutton and tattie soup; home made parmos last night and a visit to a few local establishments such as Osla's in Lerwick, the Pier Head Hotel in Voe and lunch at the UK's most northely chippie, Frankie's for lunch today.

Voe harbour

The big treat yesterday though was Shetland Pony Carriage driving at Thordale Carriage Driving Centre 

On the trip over the Alps road from Aith to Voe,we noticed a loo with a view just off a side road, but no telling where though for such a special WC!

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