Monday, 5 April 2010

Bank Holiday Weather, Eshaness

Tangwick Haa, a little wet and windy
Bank holidays are renowned for having bad weather, Shetland is no exception. After the morning spent largely inside we went for a drive in the car to Breiwick Cafe and Eshaness. Just near Mavis Grind we passed a group of 3 lasses frantically hitching and looking like drowned rats, feeling guilty we carried on as we just didn't have space.

The just before Urafirth another 3, one unbelievably with shorts on, again desperately after a hitch. Feeling bad about leaving the other 3 we stopped and said they'd have to squeeze in as best they could and hope we didn't pass any police, which was pretty unlikely really. They were students in Edinburgh originally from France, Spain and Belgium, staying in Lerwick and heading for Eshaness in terrible weather with no gear with them. The other 3 we'd passed we're their mates. They'd tried to hire a car but hadn't enough driving experience so were walking and hitching their way to Eshaness, it'll be a story to tell their mates back home for sure.

They actually thought that Eshaness was a village and were going to meet their friends there. We explained how far back their friends were and that Eshaness was cliffs and a lighthouse, no shelter, no cafe, just a howling rain filled gale today. So they came into the cafe at Breiwick Campsite with us. As we left they wanted to wait for their friends, who just happened to arrive as we got in the car. I suggested they might find it easier to hitch in 3 pairs rather than a pair of 3's. Will never know if they took my advice, but I hope they're OK, they seemed happy enough, but it wasn't the best day to be out there very unprepared and in shorts and they still had to get back to Lerwick.

I sort of hope they don't go that next 4 miles to Eshaness. When we got there it was windy enough for Clare to get half dragged out the car by the door she was clinging on to. I had to go out to the other side and shut it before she was either blown out or the door blown off!

We stopped of at a few other places including Tangwick Haa and Johnnie Notions Bod

All the fun of a bank holiday monday in Shetland.

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