Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ahoy me hearties, we're off to sea!

It's been a glorious sunny day up here, but windy too, so we decided to go to Roe Sound between Muckle Roe and the Mainland, a relatively sheltered spot, for a first family trip out in the new kayak.

Here's the view out from Roe Sound towards the Atlantic from the kayak

We set off towards Busta Sound into the wind, heading under Muckle Roe Bridge with Beren seated in the bow area. A seal popped up about 10 foot from us, but soon made a noisy re-entry when it saw us. It's not unusual to see seals round here but to have one pop up next to you is pretty cool. It kept it's distance after that, but looking down into the clear water we could see star fish, sea urchins and cockles.

As we headed out into Busta Voe the wind picked up and wind waves were building in the Voe, but we decided to go out into it just enough to paddle round one of the nearby holms. Clare's never paddled a kayak before, nevermind on the sea with Beren in front of her. We had about 1-1.5 foot waves heading at the bow, but they were brave and tried to relax as the bow easily cut through the waves, we rolled about a bit broad side to the waves as we turned to head back towards the bridge and then had a nice push from the wind and waves helping us on our way and back into sheltered waters.

Once back in Roe Sound we paddled towards North Scord and then around Crog Holm and back to the slipway to try the kayak with Beren sat in the middle instead of front. It was much better that way, Beren had more room and both of us could paddle unrestricted.

With Beren in the middle now we set out on another circuit out into Busta Voe and back round Crog holm. Quite enough for a first try out with Beren and Clare, both of who were great. Just hoping for a little less wind tomorrow for a more extended trip.

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  1. Blimey, everyone's pretty brave in the Kev household,eh :-) Awesome stuff. Seal's popping up out of the water too...