Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spring has sprung

The daffs in our garden have started opening and it was a lovely day today. After Clare being away we couldn't be bothered going anywhere and had no plans for the day.

That was until our neighbours started to dig some veggie plots. Having intended to get some veggies growing ourselves we go stuck in too, it being the first nice day for a while. Both of us de-turfing and digging over and Beren helping in his own way! It was amazing both the quantity and size of the stones One was bigger than a paving slab and about three times as thick. It was like trying to lift the atlas stones in a strongman competition.

I had the brain wave of using the turfs to build a hobbit style den for Beren, so as I de-turfed, Clare built the walls. It ended up looking more like and army bunker, but we've seeded it with marigolds and such, so when the grass and flowers grow it should look pretty cool.

To finish it off we made a fire pit in front of our garden bench, ready to make the most of those long summer evenings to come. We're all exhausted now, aching and muddy, but it was a great day. First of many in the garden I hope.

1 comment:

  1. Beren's den is so cool!! When the flowers bloom he's going to be hiding out in the midst of a colourful flower bed. Awesome.
    Now if you could just make one of those on wheels, I'd be willing to buy one ;-)