Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sculling in Muckle Roe marina

Lovely day today, the wind has dropped to non-existant, sun is out and in the little marina just before Muckle Roe the water was smooth, the odd bird was about as well as a passing seal.

I had my camera thinking of a short trip in the boat in the voe just to see how it is, take a few pics and then go home. Serene.

Then some great dollop in a wet suit with an enormous bright yellow thing with big floppy arms disturbed it all.

I carried on disturbing it for a couple of hours as I laughed to myself first in amusement, then out loud, then more and more histerically as I splished and splashed getting in, falling out, teetering on the edge of falling out and the edge of getting back in the sculling boat I was given yesterday.

I'm sure it was some cruel prank played on me. They say nothing comes free! Now I've kayaked, canoed, cycled, even uni-cycled so why oh why can't I manage to stay in the thing and do even one stoke that takes me in a vaguely straight line?!

A couple of people happened to come down while I was there and very politely said nothing other than 'i'i' Bet they wish they had a video camera. I would have paid to watch my antics.

I watched some video's on youtube, read some articles on sculling technique and problems, but I need help, professional help!! Luckily I couldn't manage to get far enough from the shore to be in any danger. Unbelievable.

I can honestly say I have never felt so thoroughly defeated by anything I've tried. But I'll be back, oh yes, that floating bit of plastic and aluminium won't get the better of me, even if this time it scored first blood by dumping me on a load of broken shells to leave a nasty deep gash in my finger. Playing nasty it was!

Here's a video of how it should be done with a sliding rigger, grr.... show offs! Sensibly I saved my camera before it got a dunking...

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