Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Sandy Saturday

Clare will be fleeing Shetland for a weeks training course in Glasgow tomorrow morning. In an effort to remind her why we're here and stop the city lights working their evil way on her we went for a trip down to West Burra, one of several bridge linked islands on the west coast of Shetland.

Our destination was Banna Minn Beach a beautiful stretch of white sand, but just before we got there we came across a restored traditional croft house and byre

Here's the first view of the beach

The westerly wind was making the entrance to the bay choppy

Behind the beach the Clift Hills on Mainland stood proud in the distance

The sheep seem to love eating the sea weed in Shetland, unfortunately they're not immune from being caught out by the tide and we've come across the odd dead one in the rocks. Luckily not this one!

As day was brightening up we decided to visit another beach on West Burra, Meal Beach and were treated to tropical green waves breaking on the white sands

Beren was found adrift on his raft

What a fantastic spot to potter

And in the far distance (right) was the bulge of Sumburgh head, near where Clare will fly from tomorrow morning

Feeling a bit peckish we popped into Hamnavoe seeking chip shop nourishment, but were left dissapointed. We did see a well decorated outbuilding though!

Luckily we knew the new chippy in Lerwick would satisfy our need for a feed. It's been the best so far up here. So off for chips we went along with a quick trip round the very excellent and free Shetland Museum before home for rest.

I doubt the city will have any appeal for Clare really but hopefully she'll now be desperate to return to our new home!

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