Saturday, 27 March 2010

Round 2: Kevin 'V' The Beast

To be fair I think the boat knew it was whipped the moment I opened the garage. Like a dog that's tried it on, but know's ultimately it's not the boss. After some sage advice from people on the web,including 'you must be mad' from more than one person, I checked the rollocks and realised they were on the lowest setting. Again, the beast watched as I got the tools out and raised their height, one more thing in my favour.

It kicked and bucked as I wrestled it on to the car and strapped it down until it had no where to go.

Of we went to Graven on the edge of Sullom Voe. It was pretty windy with wavelets up to a foot high, not ideal y any means, but luckily for me it was an on-shore wind so I wasn't going to get blown out to the oil terminal. I couldn't get a decent picture due to the wind strength, may be 20mph? But here she is ready for the off after one last struggle to resist getting in the water.

Walking her out in to deeper water where she was a float and holding her oars handles together at feather I got in first time. The wind, waves and herself did their best to kick me off but I sat a square blades and plonked them up and down in the water getting used to the balance, feathering them from time to time to just sit and bob. But with the wind and waves I couldn't do much of that and was soon down wind from the car, but still close to the beach.

Time to paddle. Checking my grip, with legs almost straight I started with some short arm only strokes. Gentle pull, twist knuckles up, resturn to straight arms, in, and repeat. I was rowing!! Not using the slide, but rowing and not hitting the water enough to make much difference and more importantly not falling in.

I sat rowing into the wind but really going no where due to it for half an hour, turning too. Then I could see a squall coming and feel the water and wind pick up so I decide to call it a day while I was ahead.

By the time I got to the car it was pelting down, but I was happy packing up in the wind and rain. Then as soon as it started it cleared up, that's Shetland for you.

Enough for round two. Victorious I drove home!!!


  1. Kev's victorious!! That's cool. Did look quite stormy in that picture. Very brave, although you've done this before, no? Maybe I'm not getting the boat differences...Going to see quite a bit of cool wildlife so get yourself a waterproof camera, will ya ;-)

  2. No not done any sculling before only kayaking and canoing. It's a beast all of it's own and very techinical from the off. I'm happy geting dunked though and do it in a safe spot. Now, if I could afford a waterproof camera...