Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Quiet week

I'm trying to have a quiet week this week to recover from the fun and games of last week. The constant uncertainty of the snow conditions and having Beren all week  due to school closure took it's toll on me leaving me pretty frayed by the weekend.

We did get out on sunday for a short while to Muckle Roe before the driving hail forced us to race back to the car with a yelping dog and Beren. Guess what...I forgot the camera! But I've got a couple of pictures of other people's snow fun off Shetlink a useful forum for Shetland matters...

Snow rolls or grolicks(?)

An 'igloo' we passed on Muckle Roe

Trying to relax this week is pretty trying! As well as the usual domestics I've suddenly got a few appointments to make in Lerwick, one of which just happens to be a job interview and all that entails!

Que Sera, Sera...

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