Friday, 19 March 2010

One windy day

It was wet and windy today, gales over night, as I set out for Lerwick to pick up a secondhand Minn Kota electric motor and battery for using on the kayak I'm getting.

There seemed some irony in getting an electric 'turbine' to quietly and relatively polution free drive a boat when the wind turbines that can create so much energy quietly and relatively polution free get so much stick. OK, so at the moment only Mina, Betsy, Brenda, Sally and Karen grace the skyline on the way into Lerwick. The planned 150 will have an entirely different impact, and some one will need to think of a few more names! But I love their grace and elegance, standing there in a howling gale, effortlessy turning to produce electric, with just a gentle swish as the blade flies past.

Unfortunately the weather won't help the Delting Up Helly Aa celebrations tonight as it's still howling and pelting down, but they're tough these Vikings you know.

Been a long, tiring week, but Clare's home tomorrow, just one more sleep...

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