Sunday, 14 March 2010

Little Tyke at Little Ayre

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After whizzing down to drop Clare off a Sumburgh airport, a round trip of 98 miles (who said Shetland was small), Beren and I went out to get some fresh air. The good thing about Shetland and all it's nooks and crankies along the coast is that there's usually some where you can go that's atleast sheltered from the wind if not the other elements. For a 2 year old the wind up can be a big challenge!

So check the wind, North-Westerly, head to South-East Muckle Roe and yet another  beach all to ourselves, Little Ayre. We could be getting spoilt!

On the way down we passed a cute plantie-yard

And Beren enjoyed throwing rocks off the bridge

From the beach the Ness of Gillarona was on one side with Papa Little in the background

And the Ness of Little Ayre on the other with the Holms being the home to...

Beren was bored of throwing stones and decided to take and adventurous route up the Ness of Little Ayre. Mummy wouldn't approve...

A breather at the end of the first pitch

Enjoying the summit view

We popped over the Ness of Little Ayre to yet another secluded and well sheltered cove

And within that, another smaller cove (think Russian dolls!)

And views out towards Vementry

All finished off with the joys of an exploding nappy! It could be a long week...

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