Friday, 12 March 2010

Ling Ness, South Nesting

Chancing it between the weathers I headed out to Ling Ness, an 'almost' island which pokes out into South Nesting Bay from Eswick. I think I've found my dream spot. An amazing place I'd give my front teeth for! Here's the strip of land linking it back to Eswick.

One side is the Dock of Lingness, a safe haven even in the worst weather for a small boat

To the other is a craggy coast line looking out towards the Moul of Eswick

Geos eat away at the Ness, while stacks remain and birds have nests galore

Fulmars circled round
Shags were beautiful to see so close up

Gannets cruised past like bombers on a mission

Amongst it all sits some lucky lucky persons home

With their own private paradise

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