Friday, 19 March 2010

It's the Viiiikings!

Today Mossbank Primary School was invaded by a bunch of marauding VIkings with big axes, shields and scary hairy legs, never mind beards!

Although Beren was in Viking mode himself...

He wasn't so sure when he saw a real one!

In fact he ran to me, clung, to me and spoiled my chance of any decent photos LOL!

And being shown the axe close up didn't seem to improve matters!

But they're not all growls and grunts and the kids loved it!

Hope they have a good night and the weather improves for the procession tonight in Brae.
                                  Three cheers for the Guiser Jarl and his squad...

Unfortunately the procession was cancelled due to the weather but the galley was burnt. Here are some great pictures ofthe galley and Squad on another Shetland blog

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