Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Fair Isle Toorie

I'm now the extremely proud owner of my first Fair Isle Toorie! Designed and knit by my own fair wife. I had to use my decrepit mobile phone to take a photo, sorry about the quality, colours aren't true either, better in the botom photo, but I had to show you...

Drying on a pyrex bowl

The view from above

It's the first toorie Clare has knit and only the second piece of Fair Isle she's done. She designed the patterns and chose the colours herself to reflect the sea and moors. The trickiest bit being how to make the pattern decrease evenly as it went up.

We're both over the moon!


  1. Your toorie is absolutely stunning. Kudos to your wife on a beautiful piece of knitting. Kudos to you for sharing it!

  2. Cheers. Here's her first and recent Icelandic knit