Saturday, 6 March 2010


It's been raining during the night pretty heavily but by the time we were up it was dry if not sunny, the tide was very low, so it seemed a good time to wander down to Firth beach and pick some cockles we'd noticed there before.

The gulls and probably otters had been having a fest but there were more than enough for us to pick and make one of our favourite dishes that we had on a short holiday to Portugal a year ago, Cataplana. It's  seafood stew with lots of local variations but the ones we had all had potatoes, onions, green peppers, chorizo, pork and tomatoes plus seafood.

Here's our collection

Beren enjoyed looking for them and generally rooting around the beach, which as usual we had all to ourselves. Once home he helped rinse them and took great delight in wondering what they were, obviously reealising that they must be some sort of food, but realising they needed something doing before eating!

So now it's off to the shop for some other ingredients for the cataplana. There's far too much for one stew so the rest will go in the fridge for a quick steam in garlic and butter tomorrow. Oooh... my mouth is watering already!

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  1. Woah, they look delicious - they look exactly like those chocolates, which I forget the name of. The ones that look like those clams you just collected :-)