Saturday, 27 March 2010

Burn of Lunklet, death of a camera

Woe is me, my camera finally died this afternoon. It's been on it's way out for a while and I couldn't understand why the pictures I took this morning were so bad, but they got worse this afternoon until it stopped all together. So unfortunately the following are the best of a bad bunch...

We've had a busy day what with me taming 'The Beast', shopping and sorting other things out in Lerwick, so we took Fern (the dog) and ourselves along the Alps road (from Voe to Aith) to The Burn of Lunklet under a grey dripping sky. No wonder I've just been asleep for 2 hours!

The burn was pretty high. Had obviously been higher, but Beren was impressed.

The path up towards the main falls is a grey chipping path, very out of place really, but pretty handy for little legged boys and 13 year old lurchers

The falls were looking very impressive with a deluge of peaty water coming over them and at the top a pool ideal for Beren's favourite past-time of throwing stones in water.

Fern just watched from above, while we pottered.

The burn continues up into the hills to it's source getting smaller as it goes. We watched a pair of Ravens doing their aerobatics and looked into the mist covered hills before turning home, all the time the rain pattering down as we splodged back.

So that's the last photo's for a while, the camera was obviously over-awed by the splendor of Shetland...


  1. Was ye old Ravens nest still at the falls?

  2. I never saw it, but then again I wasn't looking. There was a nice pair displaying round abouts.

    Hope all's well